The date.  You have a lot riding on it. Maybe it’s early in a new relationship and you want to really stand out and impress her, let her know you’re not a run-of-the mill guy.  Or maybe you’re a couple, always busy between work, kids, the house, and it’s one of those all too rare nights out to enjoy together.  Whatever your personal case it matters for the date to go well.
Think of how many dates you go on during your life.  If it’s just 10 a year, that’s anywhere from 400 to 600 dates.  Hopefully more.  Let’s say each one costs $100 on average, some more, some less.  That’s $40,000!  Of course, if some of those dates turn into "the real thing" they can become priceless.

Realize that if you're married the dating doesn't stop.  Great dates can keep the relationship better and make you both a touch happier so you stay together.  So those dates become worth however much a breakup and divorce could cost you.

Among all those dates, how many of them turn into simply another 'fine' but quickly forgotten time?  How many leave her feeling like the place was nice, the food was good but nothing stood out as memorable?

If the date isn’t memorable, how will you be?
Man helping wife with coat