When I read my twitter feed or search for tweets on #Chivalry, there are a steady stream of complaints.  Not just from women.  From men too. 
Some women tweet about how rare chivalry is and how disappointed they are in men nowadays.  How no man stood up on the bus or train to offer a seat to a woman.  How someone let a door hit them rather than hold it for her.  How men have become so disinterested in offering these gestures.
Couple in black T-shorts and tight jeans
Men will jump in with a perspective that women will say they want chivalry and affection but that it's not the truth.  They will say that when push comes to shove women will want "bad boys" or will choose looks over good character.  And they will cite that a an excuse to not offer chivalry to any woman, saying it's not deserved or reciprocated.

Of course, judging an entire gender by the actions of some subset is unfair to all.  It's true that there are men who will offer chivalry and others who will not.  There are women who will appreciate it and gravitate toward men who offer it and others who are just looking for a hot date with a slick-dressed man in a fast car.