With the Thanksgiving season around, issues of gratitude come to the forefront.  I got to thinking a bit about the issue of a man being thanked for chivalry.  Is it mandatory on the part of the woman?  Desirable?  Helpful?  What should a gentleman do if thanks are not offered?  

I was recently interviewed on a BBC radio program hosted by popular host Graham Torrington, dealing with the issue of chivalry and whether it's dead. 
Graham mentioned that if he holds the door for a woman and she doesn't acknowledge the gesture he will sometimes call after her and say something to the effect of "the word you're looking for is 'thank you.' "  
I've read tweets from men who express anger and claim they stop offering chivalry altogether because they offer it and women don't thank them.  Frankly I think it's an over-reaction if you stop a gentlemanly behavior toward all women just because of what some women do or don't do.   

I understand the sentiment and at times have felt a tinge of resentment myself for a chivalrous act not being acknowledged.  Yet I realize that if I am doing chivalry only for the acknowledgement I am losing some of the value of it.  A gesture or gift of any kind is at its most value if it's offered without any expectation of receiving something in return.  It builds me up on the inside, giving me a boost in confidence and self-esteem.  I've held that chivalry isn't meant to be a pick-up technique and that it can't be offered just to try and get a date or to make a sexual encounter more likely.  That would make the whole thing smarmy.  So taking it a step further, it also doesn't come with a requirement that a woman say thank you.

That being said, many women DO say thank you when it's offered to them.  And some will even include a thank you even if they are declining the gesture.  The more courtesy we engender, the brighter everyone's day can get.  I can't see how it could hurt a situation for a woman to say this to a man.  That doesn't mean she has to.  But if women want to see more of chivalry, it would seem logical that they'd want to let men know it's noticed and appreciated.

Yet I would proffer that it doesn't help the man to respond with a snarky comment or to carry the resentment with him.  That seething feeling only eats away at the man and will likely have no effect on the woman.  If after such a remark she does then respond with the thanks, the man doesn't know if it's sincere or done out of guilt or for the purpose of avoiding further confrontation.  So the thanks isn't all that meaningful.  And if she doesn't respond with thanks, it likely increases the man's frustration, further ruining his day.  How can that be to his benefit?  Smug satisfaction of having somehow "won" by shaming the woman into offering thanks will have robbed his action of its nobility.

My advice is to take it as an occurrence and not color it as good or bad.  That woman just gave you a glimpse into her character, not the character of all women.  If you were thinking of approaching her to chat you now know a bit more about her and may choose to go a different way.  And it will help you realize that the women who do go out of their way to thank you are giving you the same kind of respect and courtesy you were offering them.  Because it comes from the heart and not from obligation.
© 2014, John Rasiej, Bring Chivalry Back

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John Rasiej is a Chivalry and Relationship Expert who founded Bring Chivalry Back™ for the purpose of enhancing the quality and enjoyment of relationships by men and women. He rediscovered the value of chivalry several years ago and has been practicing it both in his marriage of 23 years as well as when he's been among groups made up largely of women. Chivalry and similar gestures resulted in a more satisfying marital relationship and life, and also helped him stand out to many women in those group.He now shares the value of chivalry with more men and couples so they too can have happier results. You can follow him and get a special report how to deepen relationships and attract a woman's admiration at BringChivalryBack.com.  You can follow him on twitter at @YesToChivalry.



12/10/2014 10:05am

I don't think that acts of kindness are limited to men. I, for one, hold open doors for anyone who follows me. It is nice to hear a thank you...but, if it isn't forthcoming, I know there it isn't about me but, rather, about them. I do it for me, not for the 'thanks."

12/10/2014 3:33pm

Thanks, Lilia. I certainly agree that kindness and courtesy are not gender specific, though I would categorize chivalry as a subset that is. But the principles of the thank you for an act of kindness are the same. It's nice to get the appreciation but that isn;t the reason you did it in the first place.

04/01/2017 5:54am

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12/10/2014 2:36pm

I agree with your point, John. I see being courteous (that's what it is to me) as a statement of your own character, rather than a request for a particular direct response. And like Lilia said, I do my best to behave as I'd like others to behave, however I don't chastise them. Well, except for my children:).

12/10/2014 3:35pm

Thank you, Lori! :-) Yes, looking at it that way is a more self-empowering way, that it's about expressing your own character and what counts most is how you feel about yourself.

04/03/2017 6:16am

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02/07/2015 5:28pm

i believe the giver and the receiver, regardless of gender and context, would have a better experience or exchange if both act from their highest self... holding resentment because a gesture is not appreciated defeats the whole purpose. let's bring all around niceness back. thank you for your work john!

02/15/2015 7:31am

Thanks, Emma. That's definitely the point. The giving of a gesture (not just chivalry but any act of kindness, any real gift) carries with it an inherent benefit to the giver such as feeling better about himself or herself. If a man can walk away from a chivalrous gesture with his self-esteem strengthened and a bit more bounce to his step, that's enough regardless of whether a woman says thank you or not -- although a thank you can still go a long way in building a cycle of continuity.


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02/28/2015 8:15am

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01/19/2016 3:28am

We shoul be more thanksgiving!)

04/16/2016 12:45am

It is a good advice to take it as an occurrence and not color it as good or bad!

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04/17/2016 9:34am

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