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It's the time of year when all sorts of people are giving all sorts of advice for making New Year's resolutions.  The most common ones seem to be about losing weight and getting in shape.  Others have to do with being better organized, whether about things or about finances.  

How about a resolution for chivalry?

It's a great time to resolve to be more chivalrous in the coming year!  That can work for anyone at any range of the "chivalry spectrum'" (meaning whether you're already being chivalrous often or whether it would be a brand new concept for you).
Young gentleman opening door
If you're not already doing chivalry as a matter of course, how about a resolution to do just one gesture consistently?  Perhaps choose to offer to open doors for women, including opening her car door before you come around to the other side (and opening hers again when you arrive at your destination).  Another place to start may be offering to help her on with her coat.

If you're already doing some chivalrous gestures, how about a resolution to expand your repertoire?  When I started practicing, it wasn't as if I had all the possibilities nailed right off the bat.  I got good at opening doors and pulling out chairs, but it was a while later that I got into the habit of standing at the table when a woman rises.  There may be gestures that would add more style and distinctiveness to what you do.  Why not resolve to add them this year?

Woman standing on crowded train
It could even be to expand your gestures to more people.  Perhaps you're used to being chivalrous just to your girlfriend or wife.  Why not make this the year of offering chivalry to more women in public situations?  Perhaps resolve to be aware of offering your seat to a woman when she's standing on a crowded train or bus.  

If you want some ideas on ways you can be more chivalrous, drop me an email and we can schedule a chat to see what I may suggest for you!

So how about it: "I resolve to be more chivalrous in 2015."  Easier than you may think, and the results may be bigger than you realize. 
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John Rasiej is a Chivalry and Relationship Expert who founded Bring Chivalry Back™ for the purpose of enhancing the quality and enjoyment of relationships by men and women. He rediscovered the value of chivalry several years ago and has been practicing it both in his marriage of 24 years as well as when he's been among groups made up largely of women. Chivalry and similar gestures resulted in a more satisfying marital relationship and life, and also helped him stand out to many women in those group. He now shares the value of chivalry with more men and couples so they too can have happier results. You can follow him and get a special report how to deepen relationships and attract a woman's admiration at  You can follow him on twitter at @YesToChivalry.



01/02/2015 10:04am

John, I love this! What a cool spin on New Year's Resolutions. The world could certainly use more chivalry!

01/02/2015 2:41pm

Thanks for your feedback, Kate! A little chivalry can go a long way!

06/19/2017 4:01am

While some people wanted to make some changes about their physical appearance, I would love to see some changes on people's attitude and action, especially to men! This is a good idea, John! yes, we are in the modern times, but it doesn't mean that chivalry should not exist anymore. It what makes men different from women. So men should practice chivalry all of the time!

01/06/2015 10:47pm

Like your suggestions of one act or gesture consistently - what a different world we would have if your suggestion is followed!

01/09/2015 12:15pm

Thanks, Cindy. Yes, I agree that sometimes people overlook how a seemingly small gesture can have a big impact, which then changes the course of the receiver's day and perhaps ripples on to how everyone with whom she interacts also has their day changed, and so on, and so on...

01/09/2015 12:22am

This is a charming website! My husband is definitely chivalrous. He has *always* opened the car door for me first, and closed it behind me. He pulls out the chair for me at restaurants. I love this touch - just love it! And I also try to be conscious of returning chivalries to him, as well as to other human beings. It feels so heart-warming to be courteous, thoughtful and kind to others. The giver truly does benefit!!

01/09/2015 12:17pm

Thanks, Frances! You are right about how the giver feels. I feel better about myself when I offer chivalry to my wife or to other women in social situations, like offering to help them on with a coat, opening the door, rising when they stand at a dining table. I am glad your husband treats you that way. It begets the reciprocity of which you speak!


What a great resolution, John! I think the world would be a better place.

02/15/2015 7:27am

Thanks, Dorothy. Who wouldn't want that?

03/21/2016 3:04am

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04/15/2016 3:39am

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09/06/2016 11:21pm

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06/01/2017 1:38am

Just believe on yourself and be consistent, you will be half way there.


Thank you for sharing some real life facts with us, would be quite helpful.


Great information.

06/12/2017 4:34am

Thanks for sharing.

06/28/2017 11:16am

I'm the type of people who have never made a new year resolution :)

09/18/2017 9:25am

I think this will be the best New Year’s resolution.


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