K. Steve Rasiej 1926-2015
My father passed away this past Sunday.  That may seem like an odd way to start a blog post about chivalry but I hope you'll stay with me.

This was a man who was born in Poland, trained for the Royal Air Force in England during World War II after his homeland had been invaded and devastated, had married in London and then immigrated to the United States where he built a successful career as a professional electrical engineer, fathered three boys and two girls and lived a life of class and style.

When he was with women you could see there was an enjoyment of the grace and style that exuded class.  Once of the specific things I recall to this day is that at the end of dinner parties in our home, as he was saying goodbye to the guests, each woman got her hand kissed.  That moment always stood out as something special, and it was one of the things that set him apart.

The women always seemed to respond with the same kind of grace, and it gave each party a beautiful and memorable finishing touch of elegance.

That class and elegance were something you could see mattered to him.  It extended to the ballroom dancing he would do when attending a formal Polish ball, dressed to the nines.  The way he danced with my mother on the dance floor was always a loving pairing.  Yet it also extended to when he would dance with other women at the dances, including the young woman I escorted to some of these formal balls, his future daughter-in-law, my wife Luisa.

All those little touches made him stand out.  He was a model of classy behavior and could always be counted upon to make sure things were done as properly as can be.  I am grateful to have been able to see his focus on how to interact in public, something I am sure had to do with a European upbringing as well as coming to the U.S. in need of being able to succeed.

Chivalry isn't a stand-alone action, something separate from what defines a man, It's a choice and an extension of how he chooses to live his life.  How he chooses to treat others.  And as such how he chooses
to feel about himself.  It adds class and elegance to one's comportment and leaves a mark that's memorable.

Thanks, Tatu
ś, for instilling in me even a fraction of the strong character with which you lived.



Gary LaSasso
04/28/2015 10:31pm

My condolences John. He sounds like an amazing man. Hopefully those who read your blog will take something away from it. In his honor, I will find an opportunity to kiss the hand of my wife and daughter tomorrow.

04/29/2015 5:57am

Thanks, Gary. It means a lot to me that this touched you in a way that it creates a moment of grace between you and your wife and daughter.

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05/01/2015 2:33pm

John, this is a beautiful tribute, made even more elegant with your insights on what can make a man stand out in a crowd.

05/01/2015 3:44pm

Thanks so much, LeAnn. It is interesting how gestures can take even small moments that are otherwise lost in passing and make them memorable for people. Best wishes to you!

01/20/2017 9:30am

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